Monday, 1 December 2014

Day 1 - Lieutenant Kijé (Opus 60) - The Cleveland Orchestra

Day one on the calendar is where I traditionally get people telling me *puts on whiney voice* ‘it's all too early’, so I like to start with something a little more ‘seasonal’ than outright Christmas – and frankly, if this doesn’t get you poking around in the cupboard for the festive jumper and the flashing Santa hat then there’s probably no hope for you.

Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev wrote the score for the film ‘Lieutenant Kije’ in 1933, which formed part of his Symphonic Suite for Orchestra, Opus 60 - the Troika Suite. 

The link here is to the whole 19 minute opus but If it’s all too ponderous for you heathens then you could skip to about 8’ 16” where the traditional ‘Sleigh Ride’ then begins, the tune immortalised for another generation by Greg Lake. But the first part is equally interesting as Sting used it on his 1985 hit ‘Russians’ the ‘B side’ of which was ‘Gabriel’s Message’ – Day 11 on the 5th Advent Calendar. 

See I don’t just chuck these things together!

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  1. A great start to this year's calendar. Hadn't heard all of this so have learned something new as well!