Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 2 - I Believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake

…Talking of which…

Eight years in and it’s about time I slipped in a staple and this is a chestnut from right out of the fire at just the right moment before they crack your teeth.

In John Peel’s legendary 1992 ‘Songs that Santa Forgot’ show, the great man introduced the evening as ‘Guaranteed Greg Lake free’ and there would have been a large portion of the cognoscenti chuckling knowingly to a little poke at one of the men responsible for the rock dinosaur that was ‘Emerson, Lake and Palmer’. Equally though there were also a few shifting uncomfortably at the trite dismissal of one of the great ‘70’s Christmas classics. A song about lost innocence more than anything, the Pete Sinfield lyrics inevitably include one ‘veil of tears’ but this doesn’t stop it from being a joyous celebration of the season and – like it or not – one of those songs it just wouldn’t be Christmas without. The video’s a stonker too and reminded me why the first Mrs B had a bit of a thing for young Greg.

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