Monday, 22 December 2014

Day 22 - Christmas in Vietnam - Soul Searchers

There’s a few songs called ‘Christmas in Vietnam’ out there - one by Private Charles Bowen that appeared on Day 13 of the 2010 calendar (unashamed plug for the ) - and indeed the Vietnam war produced a number of Christmas related records, let’s not forget the mind-blowing ‘Christmas in the Jungle’ by Derrick Roberts from Day 10 of the 2007 Calendar (another unashamed link for the .

You can pretty much guess how this is going to pan out when a spoken introduction tells you ’A lonely soldier lay dying in a fox hole in Vietnam’ and sure enough the Gospel feel to this Soul song provides everything you’d expect - good and bad - as the dying man and his buddy sing “Ohh – I know it’s Christmas here in Vietnam’. 

Released in 1967 this is ‘of its time’ admittedly, but it still reminds us that men and women are out there this Christmas in other deserts and jungles. Soul Searchers were apparently just Charles ‘Chuck’ Brown, a musician from North Carolina who was highly thought of in Washington and earned himself the epithet of ‘Godfather of Go Go’ on the east coast.


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