Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Day 24 - I'd Like You For Christmas - Julie London

Julie London, the former actress cum jazz / pop singer, born Gayle Peck in 1926, had an illustrious singing career, probably peeking with the original version of the now standard ‘Cry Me A River’ that gave London a world-wide smash hit in 1955.

Julie had a big career in both film and TV appearing in many big movies and top-rated shows, but her main strength was her sultry voice, London herself describing it thus: "It's only a thimbleful of a voice, and I have to use it close to the microphone. But it is a kind of over-smoked voice, and it automatically sounds intimate”. That’s certainly the case with this gorgeous 1957 recording and it’s also available on an album called ‘Ultra Lounge / Christmas Cocktails’ and that in itself is likely to provide me with some tracks in years to come.

Julie sadly left this world in 2000 but with a Christmas legacy like this, she’ll live long in the memory. Turn down the lights, stoke up the fire, pour yourself some festive cheer, get your chestnuts out and prepare to roast ‘em. This perfectly sets the mood for Christmas Eve. And you know how I feel about Christmas Eve….

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